Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer, So Long!

  A good amount of things have happened since my last post!  I now have two job offers and one maybe offer!  This may not make sense but I'm pretttttty sure I'm getting a call back from one of my interviews, they said they would call this coming Monday if I was a candidate and not to sound cocky or anything but...I NAILED IT!  I'll keep you posted on what my job status is as soon as I find out what pieces are moving where in my little game of career chess.  Also, I've been trying to soak up as much literature as I can before September starts.  Not matter whether I'll be at a school or an office, I will be working after Labor Day weekend so I need to take advantage of the free time.  My husband is finally OFF from working two jobs for the past three months so I'm probably not reading as much as I should be but he is a fabulous distraction (love him like crazy!).  

  On a side note, I am kind of getting tired of anyone else or am I just really nuts?  Don't get me wrong, I love the warm weather and the time off, but I really love autumn and the changing colors.  Also, autumn nights are SOOO nice for sleeping here at the Jersey Shore.  If you haven't figured out yet through my screen name and blogging title, I am a red head so I really embrace cooler months so I don't have to worry about being tan.  Being pale and freckly isn't ever really an attractive look unless you're a duchess or queen during the 1600's.  I love bundling up on a cool fall/winter night with a good book (and now that we have one, yay!!) in front of the fire place.  Mmmm, I'm smiling just thinking about it.  Anyway, here is what I have just finished reading and what I thought!


The Ghosts of Varner Creek by Michael Lee Weems

Amazon's Summary:


  "In the summer of 1909, in the small town of Varner Creek, Texas, twelve year old Solomon Mayfield awoke one morning to find his mother and sister had disappeared. Through a series of cover-ups and denials, some aimed at protecting Sol, others at hiding the worst of secrets, Sol lived the rest of his life in a fog of half-truths and shadowed lies, haunted by ghosts of the dead with whom he suddenly found himself sharing an inexplicable bond with that he could never fully understand. But when Sol passes away as an old man so many years later, the truth is waiting for him, as are the ghosts of his past. Sol finally discovers what really happened that summer and it is a truth that will change everything he thought he knew about the life he lived and the people he thought he knew. For as Sol is about to find out, even the dead have secrets." - Amazon

Author's Note:

  "Caution: Book contains adult content and themes. Reader discretion advised.  18+ only, please, as some of the subject matter is not suitable at all for younger readers. Also, a few comments noted book starts slow before revving up. The beginning becomes something different by the ending which is how it was written, but fair disclaimer to readers who hate slow starts . . . this one does lay a foundation before it gets going that some may find slower than to their liking. Also, The Ghosts of Varner Creek is more than a ghost story. It could fit into a number of genres . . . historical fiction, southern fiction, mystery, paranormal, and family drama. So for readers seeking a straightforward horror novel, I wouldn't want to disappoint as this isn't really in that category. Otherwise, if you do read, I thank you in advance and hope you enjoy the book."- Michael Weems (Amazon)

My Review:


  Oh my GOOD Lord!  Holy Smokes!  Sufferin succotash!  Okay, I'm done with my "explicit" language but honestly I was NOT expecting what happened in this story.  As I have said previously, I'm really embracing the whole fall/autumn/Halloween thing and I've been reading paranormal stuff non-stop.  So when my Kindle Fire "recommended" that I read this book and I saw the cover/title, I said surely Kindle I'll give it a try (I may have actually said that, I have a tendency to talk to inanimate objects).  As stated in the author's note, it did start off slow and I wasn't really into it at first.  I would read a few pages then go find something else to do or get distracted by something shiny or play Wii with my husband.  But then I sat myself down and told myself to just get through the first two to three chapters and if I am still not liking it, then I would find something else.  By the end of Chapter 2 and the beginning of Chapter 3, I said OK where is this author going with this.  I thought this was supposed to be about ghosts and even though the main character DOES see ghosts, Weems takes the plot in a complete different direction than I thought a "paranormal" book would go.  I really wish I read the author's note BEFORE I read the book so I could have been prepared for what I was getting myself into.  Not that I regret it, I really appreciated the book in a sense.  I appreciated that the author took extremely sensitive, inappropriate, and I would say "taboo" topics and handled them with care.  Even though there really is no way to handle these topics in a nice way, Weems prepared the reader for it and gradually lead the reader to assuming what was next instead of slapping you in the face with it.  I'm not sure if that makes sense, but if you read the book you'll get it.  Also, I felt the book had a cliff-hanger ended and could definitely have a sequel.  Whatcha think Mr. Weems, are we going to have seconds??

The Final Word


  This is a toughy!  I definitely enjoyed the book but I didn't love it.  Definitely did NOT hate it, but was very taken aback by how the book went.  It kept me wondering and guessing "why the heck is that character doing that" and "OMG, I cannot believe that!" which to me is a sign of a good book since I want literature to make me have real reactions.  If you read the author's note and my review, then I think you will be more prepared and equipped to handle the "heavy" issues within the story.  Being an English major and having taught high school and middle school English classes, this is not a young adult book.  Definitely a college age and older read and a must-read at that!

Stars: 4 out of 5! 



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