Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Night Irene

Well, this is Ocean City, NJ BEFORE high tide...good luck everyone

I live at the Jersey Shore and once my family and I got wind of (pun possibly intended) of Irene, we skipped town.  We are now in the Cherry Hill/Marlton area which is about an hour north.  Though, I did leave two sisters and their families at the Shore, they are reporting that they are fine.  Between Irene, possibly tornadoes, and frequent break-ins (people from the sea-side cities are seeking shelters...and realizing they are ending up in nice areas for robberies)...what is this, the mini-Apocalypse or something?

Another pic I found...of the Wildwood beach (the most HUGE beach I have ever been on...takes 20 years to walk it...or least it feels like it) looks like this...

Annnnnd this is Atlantic City....

This whole thing is wild...I know I have 0 followers but if anyone has any info...please send it this way..thanks!!!  GOOD LUCK!

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