Thursday, September 12, 2013

New material...

So, I've been wanting to use this blog and update.  First I thought I'd write a blog about my teaching experiences.  Eh, too teach-y.  Then I thought I'd write a blog about my life outside of school.  Too lame-y.  Next, it was write book reviews on things I read.  Uh, no (for several reasons; time, energy, lack of a strong attention span).  So, I've decided to write about funny things that are said within every aspect of my life...teaching, home, family, friends, random moments out with the hubs or on my own.  I mean, who doesn't want to makes you live longer!  I got this idea from a blog site that I have found recently and enjoy reading on a daily basis (  Michelle, I think you are fabulous.  Period.  She has a section on her blog that lists hilarious things her awesome little boy says.  Every time I read a new "Finnism", I literally laugh out loud and it makes my day/evening/whenever I'm reading it.  Also, the marriage section is fab too since I guess we're still technically newlyweds (1 year, 4 months...but who's counting) and I always feel like I need help or advice in that arena of my life.

Eventually when the hubs and I decide to have little ginger babies (after a few vacations hopefully), I'll have even more material to use.  So since no ging babies are happening in this household just yet, I can put up funny things the students say at my school.  Those funny stories never end and keep on coming every day.  Even though I am crazy busy since the new school year just started, maybe this will be therapeutic for me.  And hopefully people will want to read this.  If not, I'll just be another random crazy person writing a random crazy blog.  Either way, life is fab. :) 

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